Revolutionary Niacin Max Has Arrived!

NiacinMax is a revolutionary new sports and fitness supplement designed to help sports enthusiasts of all levels unleash their full potential.

Other supplements have to pass through your stomach before entering your bloodstream, which significantly reduces their bioavailability. They get degraded by your stomach acids, take longer to work, and can cause side effects.

Niacin’s role in energy production makes it crucially important in providing training fuel for athletes. On top of that it is useful for  bodybuilders, and anyone else involved in regular physical activity. But what makes it so beneficial to improving performance is its ability to increase blood flow, red blood cell production and human growth hormone levels.

By increasing red blood cell count and blood flow, NiacinMax increases the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to your working muscles. Furthermore, it improves your energy and endurance during training and competing. And by boosting levels of human growth hormone, it helps improve your muscle growth and speed your recovery process.

NiacinMax dissolves on your tongue and enters your bloodstream within just 4-6 minutes. Hence  the niacinamide work immediately with no side effects. It has biostructure niacin with liposomes, which, along with dissolving delivery system. It  means NiacinMax has the highest bioavailability of any other niacin supplement.

This scientifically formulated, bio-structured niacin supplement (Vitamin B3) comes in the form of a thin strip of film that dissolves on the tongue and offers the following benefits:

Increases oxygen flow…

…up to 50%, improving energy levels, reducing workout fatigue and helping users reach their peak physical performance.

Increased oxygen…

…to the brain during training or competing also improves focus and concentration. It enables faster reactions and more accurate decision making.

Increases blood flow…

…which helps remove metabolic waste faster and more efficiently, delaying fatigue and increasing endurance.

Increases HGH…

… human growth hormone (HGH) levels by over 600%, boosting recovery, fat burning and muscle growth. And it also helps users build their ideal physique faster

  • NiacinMax is a safe, natural and legal way to increase red blood cell count and maximise the blood levels.
  • NiacinMax is a natural antioxidant which helps defend against exercise-induced cell damage, helping maximise the blood’s’ oxygen carrying capacity.

● The most powerful niacin supplement on the market due to its unique delivery technology
● Niacin may also have anti-aging properties. Research has found that niacin activates age-related enzymes called sirtuins, which may help control age related disorders

Each NiacinMax strip contains 75mg of pure niacin which is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Simply put,  it is the fastest acting, most powerful niacin supplement on the market.

Most supplements only deliver 10-15% of their active ingredient into the bloodstream. That is because  they first have to pass through the digestive system. Niacin-Max avoids the digestive system and delivers up to 90% pure niacin straight into the bloodstream. That’s why it is 45 times more effective than an ordinary 100mg niacin pill.

This high voltage vitamin delivers unrivaled performance!

No other niacin supplement is as powerful as NiacinMax. Because no other niacin supplement uses unique delivery technology.

Conventional supplements like pills, powders and liquids have very poor bioavailability, which means they are not absorbed efficiently by your body. And, ordinary supplements have to pass through your digestive system before they can enter your bloodstream and reach your cells.

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But as much as 90% of an ordinary supplement never reaches your bloodstream because the acids in your digestive system destroy most of it before it gets there. Which means it’s impossible for you to benefit from its true effects.

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