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Enhance Your Motivation and Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Goals with these 7 Hot Tips

#1: Get your hands on an item of clothing in a smaller size that you would love to wear because you would feel totally amazing in it! It may even be something that you’ve had in your wardrobe a while and are desperate to get into. Then hang it on the door or on the outside of the wardrobe so that you see it every day. This will act as a motivational reminder of what you want to achieve.

#2: Have lots of Sex.

Yes it’s fun and it also keeps you on track towards your weight loss goals. You burn calories and feel great without eating chocolate or cookies! It’s a great strategy. The more weight you lose, the more attractive you feel and the more enjoyment you get from sexual activity.

Having regular sex is free calori burner and stress buster

#3: Look slimmer pics

Stick a picture of a slimmer you on the refrigerator or find a picture that represents a slimmer version of you to put on the refrigerator door or cupboard door. This will keep you focussed on what you want to achieve and stop you from having that forbidden snack or mindlessly eating that unhealthy food that may be lurking in that cupboard.

#4: Write down your progress.

Keep a journal and monitor your success. Weigh yourself each week and keep a record of all you have achieved, plus how good it feels. Keeping a journal in this way will help you to maintain your focus and motivation towards a slimmer you. You can revisit it and celebrate your success at any time to remind yourself how amazing you are.

#5:  Do the dirt exercise

Did you know you are more likely to stick to your exercise program if you are listening to music, that according to a study that was recently made of Obesity by the North American Association. Get on to I-tunes and select some high energy tunes to boost your motivation while you work out. Create your ideal play list and off you go.

#6: Get a dog or borrow one!

Dogs need walking and walking is a great way for you to shed the pounds. It means that whatever the weather, you have to get up off the couch and take the dog out for a stroll. Perfect strategy to help you lose weight. Before going for supplements have detailed reviews before.

#7: Become a regular at group exercise classes.

It’s a great way to make friends when you become a regular at a class. Plus being part of a group gives you a support network and will inspire you to keep coming back. It’s a great feeling to be welcomed back every week, where people know you’re name.

Can you take gymnastic challenges like this one?

#8: Gym is a genius idea

If you go to the gym, make sure you have a program written for you, specific for your goals and outcomes. Stick to the program and after 4 to 6 weeks book in for a program update. This is important because it stops your body reaching a plateau and it also will give your motivation a boost with a new and exciting routine to enjoy.

Create a Mind Set For Success

Your thinking and creating a mind set for success is your personal launch pad for shedding the excess pounds and dramatically improving your health and fitness. You must remember that the formula to success also includes an effective fitness and diet regime as well. Training your mind allows you to increase your focus and awareness of the goals that you are on course to achieve.

Here are our top tips for you to Create a Mind Set for Success:

  1. Adapt your thoughts for healthy weight loss and remember to be patient with yourself and the process. The most effective way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy way of living. One that you can sustain, so be kind to yourself and the surplus weight will just melt away.
  2. Relax. Getting worked up and stressed out about losing weight is counterproductive. Stay relaxed and focused on what you want to accomplish is a key factor in your success. It aids the body’s natural ability to shed those pounds.
  3. Don’t set yourself up to fail with unrealistic goals and expectations. Train your thoughts on setting achievable outcomes and prove to yourself that you can succeed. When you do, you will be delighted!
  4. Establish a routine that works for you. Establishing a routine is a crucial factor. This includes a schedule for working out, for your food intake and also your mind set.
  5. Pay attention to your body. Tune into your bodies requirements, it will soon let you know if you are pushing yourself too hard or if you are eating too much or, on the flip side of the coin, not eating enough. All you need to do is listen to your intuition.



Pay attention to your body’s reactions

5 More Bonus Tips

  1. Make use of your powerful imagination. Your mind is incredible and using your imagination to picture and visualise how your want your body and your life to be, is the first step in manifesting those results for yourself.
  2. Don’t rush! It would be unrealistic to expect that your body, your fitness and indeed your mindset will change overnight! Take your time and invest in getting great results by knowing that this is a long term solution.
  3. Spend time and figure out what is it that you truly want. A lot of people know what they don’t want and not many know what they do want. By understanding the driving force for you to create this change in terms of your health and fitness is a very important factor for keeping you motivation to achieve great results.
  4. Take responsibility for your results. You are the one who is accountable for this outcome that you desire. That means that you have to take responsibility for your thinking, what you are eating and how many times you work out.
  5. Be positive. This will help you to feel better about yourself when you stay positive. Thinking negatively about your goals and dreams will make them harder to achieve. Being positive will make you feel happy and boost your motivation, which will assist you to lose even more weight.
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